Friday, October 17, 2008

And they were called: organizer, go-getter, networker, innovator, recorder

It's been a good year for DSC full of growth and change. We had good gatherings in VA, NC and TX. The Charlottesville Project moves into it's third season, continuing to work at living out the DSC thing on in a local context -- being community, following Jesus and follow the creative/arts call. The group has changed and learned a lot in it's three years!

The Goshen contingent is talking, and it seems likely that something new will be happening locally related to the DSC. The critique group was on hiatus for the last while, and now the Flemings and Keeslings are up to something.

Adam and Megan Fleming are spearheading coaching in the DSC network, and it's taking off -- they're coaching a number of DSC people and result is creative growth and focus. I continue to mentor and coach a number of DSCers as well.

The NING site has given us a place to meet online, and has given birth to some good discussion and new or ongoing connections.

We continue to develop the PHLOX model and other tools designed to help artists live out their calling, or to encourage release creativity in every arena of life and culture.

This growth spurt has been good, and it brings about the need for a wider leadership base. Over the years many people have used their skills, talents and resources to help the DSC become what it is today. Part of what I've loved about the DSC in it's pioneering phase was the organic, relational and fluid way leadership worked. There was a downside, however, and for us to make it into the next phase some things will need to change.

The weakness of the relational, informal, transformational leadership style we've employed so far, is that while it's good for developing people it's pretty inefficient and not good for getting tasks accomplished. The fact is that all of gatherings have involved a leadership collaboration between me and someone (or several someones) who are more gifted at strategy, administration and accomplishing goals. When it's come to charting the larger direction for the DSC, however, I've acted pretty much alone. It's time for that to change. We need expand our leadership base with a committed team made up of people with different gifts, skills and strengths to lead the DSC into the next era.

I propose that we all pray and think about who should be on this team. I've started a thread on the NING called "Calling a Leadership Team" where people can post their thoughts. Then in early December we'll have a conference call and talk about the team, and get it launched.

Here's how I imagine the team (and it will surely evolve from there): 5-7 people meeting monthly by phone or videoconference to refine the vision and establish and implement priorities and strategy for the DSC.

Part of what I'm praying for is an organizer; a go-getter; a networker; a creative innovator and a recorder for this team.

I'm excited about the process of calling this team. We went through a very similar process with the CVP -- the whole group prayed and thought about leadership and then came together to talk about it. God led the process and we ended up a team that has worked together increasingly well since it's inception.