Friday, December 31, 2010

First Tuesdays

We're starting First Tuesdays at DSC! These are conference calls designed to challenge, inspire, encourage and equip participants in one or more aspects of our mission (Cultivate Creativity. Grow Community. Follow Jesus). All calls will include a brief description of DSC's vision, a short update from a DSC member, input from a speaker and time for questions and interaction.

The first one is January 4, 8:30pm EST. It's about Brother Lawrence, the Barefoot Carmelite monk known for "practicing the presence of God."

Next Month DIANA GONZALEZ will be speaking on something relevant. It will be a real privilege to have her with us. She's one of the most interesting speakers you'll ever hear. Feb. 1, 8:30pm.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Living our vision

We’ve been clear for some time that we’re about following Jesus, growing community, and cultivating creativity. It’s time to make that practical in some new ways. As the DSC we need to not just talk about this or even live it on our own (many of us are doing those things in our own lives and communities) but we need to keep intentionally growing and also equipping and training others.

I’m convinced that after years of serious work and sacrifice, mistakes and learnings we have something to share if we’ll take the time to look past ourselves, ask God for direction, and look for opportunities to serve. Most of our communities have isolated creative people in them who need community, need resources to help them develop community, and have never been exposed to the call of Jesus in a way that speaks to them in their language/mindset/framework. We’re just normal people, but I believe we can make a difference in small and big ways.

Some of that difference will come through our songs, videos, paintings, books, blogs and photographs. Some of it will come through conversations with God and people. Some of it will come as we step forward more intentionally towards this three part goal, and invite others to come along with us as we grow.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

DSC News

People from Segue in Texas recently put on a creativity workshop with some DSC help. They targeted serious or professional artists (of whatever medium) and had three speakers address the theme "Obstacles." A spoken word artist, a partner in an artist management company and DSC founder addressed the questions:
-What do you do when you are confronted with obstacles?
-How do you overcome them?
-What do you do once you have overcome them?

DSC Millersburg, a group established in partnership with Living Acts (an intentional community house associated with a local church) has been meeting weekly since last spring. Their Thursday night dandelion seed meeting includes sharing recent work and giving feedback. This group is led by Carrie, a veteran of the Charlottesville Project (a 5 year experiment in creativity and community that sponsored DSC events and invested heavily in the DSC vision to grow community, cultivate creativity and follow Jesus). It’s a well-attended group meeting a real need for creativity-focused interaction and friendship in a rural part of Ohio. To learn more, check out Carrie’s blog.

The first Epic Life Studios Internship in Goshen (brainchild of Adam and Megan Fleming) is in full swing. Anna P has been working at personal and creative growth in the context of community and coaching since early fall, and has found the experience profoundly valuable. The Flemings have been developing arts coaching models and practices for several years now and are excited about how the internship has provided the space for people to step back, reflect, be transformed and catapulted forward towards their calling and life purpose.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Video and twitter

We posted a video from the conference. It's a helpful talk about the action-reflection cycle by Rich Meyer. You can find out more on our twitter account.