Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Rich Foss on the DSC Call

Rich Foss spoke and fielded questions on Aprils First Tuesdays call. Could some of you who were on the call leave comments about it? Particularly what was helpful to you on the call and anything you're thinking about or processing because of it. Thanks.


Christa said...

Thanks so much for taking the time to tell your story. I just sat and listened (which is really rare for me). It felt like water on dry ground. I think part of it is that I simply don't often hear people from the christian tradition talking about doing art and what that journey looks like. Your story made me feel not so alone. It's amazing how important words are (: I come from a somewhat similar background and resonated with some of your thought processes and questions and journey as you began writing. It was also encouraging to see how what you wrote prepared you to lead and bring healing in your community. May all of us see similar miracles in our lives and work!

Jonathan Reuel said...

Rich, thanks for spending the evening with us. You have lived out what the Dandelion Seed Company is about in very real, concrete ways. Your life has been creative, Jesus-focused and communal -- all in very practical, daily ways. Thanks for living that way and talking about it with us. We need to hear those stories.

Thank you also for being vulnerable and straight-forward about abuse, anger, etc. It's encouraging to hear what you've thought, done, dealt with -- and there is a sense of grace and God's presence in the midst of hard stuff.

Finally -- something I'm thinking about sparked by the call:

Does God want you to write another novel? Sometimes I feel like the Christian communities' bias towards practical helping people over creative work (especially when there is no guaranteed audience) makes us think God is saying "no" when He actually isn't.

I'd like to think God is excitedly waiting for the next thing you write.

Joel said...

I love that the art and personal expression are places where the spiritual journey begins and not, as your "mention Jesus in everything you write" advisor suggests, merely a medium for predetermined polemic.

Your stories moved me on many levels, Rich. Thanks for sharing yourself with us and for setting an example of following the LORD through your creative struggle.

Rich Foss said...

It was an honor to spend an hour with you, the Dandelion Seed Company, reflecting on my literary, spiritual and communal journey. Thanks too for your comments.

Christa, you are on the journey. Keep on to see where the journey will lead.

Jonathan,you've touched on the biggest mystery in my literary life. Why the hiatus in novel-writing? Mystery is the driving force of the journey. What's beyond the horizon? I like your image of God excitedly waiting for the next thing I write.

Joel, I hope my spiritual journey scatters a few seeds that you can use in yours.