Monday, January 3, 2011

Communication, Giving, Movement

Regular Communication.
Generous Giving.
Clear Movement.

RC: We're a network with aspirations to be movement-like. That only works if we communicate. It happens some naturally. To become what we long to become it must happen more intentionally.

GG: We've spent a lot of our ten years frustrated -- at ourselves, our circumstances, at the lack of resources, at the challenge of living out this creative call. One of the things that will get our heads out of our hmmm, and move us forward will be giving. There's a lot of desperate needs and we get the huge privilege of being part of meeting a few of those. We may not have what we think we need, but we have something, so lets give.

CM: To get from the IDEA of growing community, cultivating creativity and following Jesus to the reality of a grassroots movement we must find the path that includes 1. our continual growth (sacrifice and strain followed by profound rest -- rinse, repeat) and 2. our inviting others to walk with us towards this goal, and 3. encouraging, challenging, training and equipping others with what we've learned or been given.

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