Thursday, January 13, 2011

Plans and Dreams for 2011 Conference

Not exactly sure, but I think we've done 9 of these conferences now. Plus a bunch of small local gatherings. Now we're gearing up for DSC 2011 in Indiana. While nothing is for sure yet, here's some of what we're

Tentatively planning:

- The Fikes and Paul Grout bringing themselves and their ideas. DSC wouldn't exist without these people, and they'll help us move into the next decade.
- Organizational/personal development and identity work with the Fikes.
- Training, networking and hanging out at Quaker Haven.

- More local groups sprouting up across the country and beyond caught with the call to grow community, cultivate creativity and follow Jesus. Maturation or healthy ends for established groups.
- New increasingly excellent and creative projects.
- Integration of life and vision. Non DSC spouses and families feeling welcome and catching the vision.
- Entering deeper into the stillness of knowing Christ, anchoring ourselves there and from that - root our lives extending as a gift of love, beauty and hope to others in new ways.
- Discovering new ideas relevant to the areas that matter most to us. And God alone knows what that means for each of us and for us as a loose network of people strewn across this hemisphere like tacks on the floor or stars in the midnight sky.
- Seeing people escape situations, habits and fears that have kept them from living creatively, finding community and following Jesus freely.

The Dandelion Seed Company
is a loose network of people called to the crossroads of Art, Faith and Relationship. Sometimes our job is to just stand there. Other times we yell and let people know these roads actually meet. We're building tents and setting them up near the crossroads -- tents big enough for visitors and refugees but light enough to move when it's time.

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